Briana Elvir

Briana Elvir

Briana Elvir is a 5th grade student and Young Astronaut at Columbus Magnet School. She lives with her mom, dad, sister, and dog. She enjoys art, and loves painting, drawing, sketching, and coloring in her free time. She likes to sing and dance. She also enjoys reading and writing. One of her favorite books is Wonder.

Briana has traveled a lot. She has been to Niagara Falls, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and New Jersey. She also goes camping every year with her family and friends. When she goes she make s’mores, builds fires, tells stories, and helps set up the tents.

Her career aspiration is to become a vet. She would like to take care of sick and ill animals who need medical attention and help. She would also like to study more languages so she can speak with people who know different languages. She is already bilingual because she knows English and Spanish, and she has also knows a little sign language.

What Briana wants to accomplish in this year’s mission is to make sure that the tourist and the crew return from space safe and sound, without any serious problems. Her personal heroes are her mom and dad because they have been super supportive throughout the program for saying to never give up on her Young Astronaut dreams.