Emma Hedges

Emma Hedges

Emma Margaret Hedges was born on December 11, 2007, in a hospital in New York City. She lived with just her mom and her dad for almost 6 years and was an only child. Before her brother was born, Emma loved her dolls and dressing herself up. When her brother Scott was born, she found out she would much rather play with Scott than her dolls, and rather dress Scott up in tutus than herself!

As much as Emma loves Scotty and dresses, her favorite thing to do is soccer! She loves the feeling of scoring the goal for her team and stealing the ball from the other players. Currently, Emma’s passion is still soccer and she loves it just as much as she used to.

Emma’s family loves to travel out of the USA. She has been to Dubai, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Emma loves all of her travels but Scotland is her favorite. After all, Emma’s mom is Scottish so that makes Emma half-Scottish too.  Emma even tried haggis and thought it tasted pretty good!

Some of her other hobbies are squash, shopping and science!  Emma loves science and recently saw a piece of the moon in the Science Museum in London, England. Emma is also a Young Astronaut after school at CMS (Columbus Magnet School). Emma takes on a mission with her teammates in 5th Grade. This year her mission is about ecotourism. They want to save the earth. Hope you enjoyed learning about Emma Hedges.