Nicky Misorek

Nicky Misorek

Nicky Misorek is a baseball player who won the fall ball league championship while his dad was coaching the team. Nicky’s favorite positions are first base and pitcher. Nicky has been playing baseball for 8 years and has been through a few ups and downs, like when his arm gave up and he could not throw fast anymore.

What Nicky wants to accomplish this year in the Young Astronaut mission is to be stronger and to take on new missions in life.

One of Nicky’s heroes is Jacob deGrom, a pitcher for The Mets. Jacob deGrom gave Nicky the chance to believe in himself and to never give up, and that’s how Nicky became the all-star pitcher he is today. When Nicky grows up, he wants to be drafted by the New York Mets and to be their ace pitcher.

Nicky’s school accomplishments are to be a mathematician and to never give up on hard math problems or any other school subject problems.